I’m too depressed to live.

Dear life,

Why are you making it difficult for me to live? I am already sick and tired of living in this sinful, selfish world. I am even apprehensive of what you are going to bring about into my anxious soul.




another sleepless night, thank you.

please please please

someone skype me

i’m honestly grateful for all of my followers!

if you need anything, message me.

i’m here for you ~ xx

I’m secretly fearful about your curiosity — your expectations. What if I am not what you have always cognized?

So my friend has been stopping by my house almost every single day and it’s getting very annyoing.

Greg, I love you. So much.

Am I the only one attracted to man ass?

Is there such as a pill that would help me care a lot more? I need it.

I wish I had full-blown anorexia than this half-ass bullshit. I hate feeling so fat. I want to feel clean.

This food inside me is crippling me.

I need it to leave my body please.

I’m in the mood to jump off a nearby building

and feeling my body violently snapping and breaking

onto the cold floor

To my beloved followers,

i’m so sorry for not updating so much.

I have loads of schoolwork,

my classes are difficult as shit.

I promise to update my queue ASAP


I’m having an anxiety attack.

I hate this feeling so much.